The mining industry plays an important role in the economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the country ranks first in the world in proven reserves of zinc, tungsten and barite, it is the world's largest producer of uranium, and also has extensive reserves of coal, copper, gold and manganese. About 80% of all mining products are exported to more than thirty countries around the world, that is 20% of total export and 30% of the country's annual income.

As a result of the reforms carried out in 2022, the Republic of Kazakhstan became the leader in terms of foreign direct investment within EAEU countries. According to the National Bank of Kazakhstan, the foreign investments in the mining industry in the first half of 2022 amounted to more than $ 1 bn. According to the forecast of socio-economic development of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2023-2027, the mining industry expects a stable growth of 2.8% per year.

In January – June 2022, Kazakhstan produced the industrial products in the amount of 51 billion US dollars. The mining industry and the development of quarries had the greatest impact on the dynamics, which went through the crisis in 2021, emerging from it with an increase of 5.3%.

Learn more about the prospects for the development of the mining industry in Kazakhstan, as well as about new investment projects for the construction and modernisation of production facilities.


What are the main trends and opportunities for the development of the mining industry in Kazakhstan for the next 10 years

What investment projects for the construction of new production facilities and modernisation of existing ones are planned for development in 2023-2030

What is the stage of development of existing infrastructure projects and what capacities are required for further development of the industry

Which innovative technologies and solutions are most in demand in the industry and can serve its accelerated development


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    Alex Walker


    East Star Resources

    Topic of the presentation:

    Experience of a Junior Explorer in Kazakhstan

    Aleksandr Shurilov

    Сhief Geologist

    LLP ERG Exploration

    Topic of the presentation:

    The main areas of prospecting activities of ERG in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan

    Daulet Aliaskarov

    Marketing Manager

    JSC National Mining Company Tau-Ken Samruk

    Topic of the presentation:

    Attracting investments in exploration projects


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    Prospects for the development and modernisation
    of mining companies in Kazakhstan

    3 March 2023 at (10:00 GMT)

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