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Bear Creek de-risks Corani silver project in Peru

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Bear Creek Mining (TSXV: BCM) announced that it has completed a  review of the 2017 NI 43-101 Technical Report entitled Corani Project  Detailed Engineering Phase 1 (FEED) for the Corani silver, lead, zinc  deposit in Peru.

In a press release, Bear Creek said that the objectives of the review  were to reduce typical construction, development and operating risks  and to identify potential improvements to Corani’s expected economic  performance.

“The results of the review include a 20% increase in daily  production, a $126 million (31%) increase in after-tax Net Present  Value, a 52% increase in after-tax Internal Rate of Return from 15.1% to  22.9%, a 1.2 year (33%) reduction in the payback period, lower  All-In-Sustaining-Costs and significantly reduced construction,  development and operating risks,” the media statement reads.

The review also revealed that projected silver production totalling  49 million ounces during the first three operating years would make  Corani one of the world’s largest silver producers.

According to Anthony Hawkshaw, Bear Creek’s president and CEO,  byproduct lead and zinc credits make a significant contribution to  Corani’s expected AISC of $1.36 per ounce of silver for years one  through three, resulting in capital payback in less than 30 months of  the projected 15-year mine life.

Corani is located in the Andes mountains of Peru, approximately 160  kilometers southeast of Cusco in a sparsely populated high-mountain  desert environment.

The project consists of 13 mineral concessions that form a contiguous block of ground covering approximately 5,700 hectares.

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